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  • How Kickstarter Is Tackling Its Vaporware Problem With UI

    Debuting in beta on a handful of opt-in Kickstarters, CEO Yancey Strickler says he’s not sure if the Prototype Gallery will be a mandatory part of the Kickstarter template for hardware projects going forward. “We want to see how people start using it first before we decide if we require it from everyone,”

  • Modobag: World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

    Wait a minute. I can give Modobag $1,000 so I look utterly ridiculous and completely piss off everyone in the airport? Well then. Just sign me up for the Preposterone Conference too. Won’t be too long before we see the first viral video on YouTube of a Modobag rider getting floored by an irate traveler. Hilarious!

  • Is Crowdfunding the New Church?

    There was a time before the internet and the reach of social media, when there were just churches and community centers. The personal and the tragic were to be shouldered by your parish, your congregation, your groups for Bible study. These acts of kindness may still exist, but, their days might be waning.