Help Headstrong Help Veterans

Founded by a former Marine captain named Zachary Iscol, The Headstrong Project seeks to provide world-class mental health treatment to veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The organization prides itself on offering treatment with zero cost and zero bureaucracy. Click to give today.

WTF is Crowdfunding?

Creating a campaign is only part of the battle – pressing the big red “go live” button is the culmination of a lot of work, but what not a lot of people realize, is that creating the campaign is only the start. In a way, crowdfunding campaigns are mini-startups in their own right. This video covers common pitfalls.

Teachers Increasingly Rely on Crowdfunding for Classroom Supplies

Understatement of the day, week, month and year?: According to Michael Leachman, the director of state fiscal research at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, local, state, and federal governments are still catching up post-recession. “It’s obviously disturbing that teachers are having to raise the money that they need to provide good education to kids,” Leachman said.

Kickstarter Planning to Relaunch Subscriptions Platform DRIP.FM

“Historically it was probably the perception that Kickstarter was part of a disruptive world, especially with regards to labels,” says Molly Neuman, head of Kickstarter music. This is a take on Kickstarter she is working to overturn with DRIP.FM and to find ways that the platform can collaborate with music companies rather than stand as an alternative to them.

How Kickstarter Is Tackling Its Vaporware Problem With UI

Debuting in beta on a handful of opt-in Kickstarters, CEO Yancey Strickler says he’s not sure if the Prototype Gallery will be a mandatory part of the Kickstarter template for hardware projects going forward. “We want to see how people start using it first before we decide if we require it from everyone,”

Modobag: World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

Wait a minute. I can give Modobag $1,000 so I look utterly ridiculous and completely piss off everyone in the airport? Well then. Just sign me up for the Preposterone Conference too. Won’t be too long before we see the first viral video on YouTube of a Modobag rider getting floored by an irate traveler. Hilarious!