Modobag: World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage

Wait a minute. I can give Modobag $1,000 so I look utterly ridiculous and completely piss off everyone in the airport? Well then. Just sign me up for the Preposterone Conference too. Won’t be too long before we see the first viral video on YouTube of a Modobag rider getting floored by an irate traveler. Hilarious!

Bagel, the Overachieving Digital Tape Measure

With 20 days still to go, thousands of people and over half a million dollars have already pledged to Bagel, the digital tape measure. We’re not convinced how useful they really are. How about a device that scans every surface of a room or target and display the results as a 3D model? That, we could get into.

Preset Chess: The Chess Set Reinvented?

The Preset Chess project would have me believe they “reinvented” the chess set (no you didn’t). Having to put all the pieces in the set after your game, how does that save time? What’s the advantage? Halfway to their goal with 19 days to go, maybe it’s clear that setting up a chess board is quite the unbearable ordeal.

LICKI Brush – Lick Your Cat. Like a Cat.

With the press this has been receiving we’re not surprised this is going to reach its goal. The premise of the LICKI Brush is that someone would WANT to lick their cat. And if that’s what you want then, just lick your damn cat. What do you think will happen? But besides jaw cramps, why not just use a brush?

Trump Bucks

You have to wonder — just a bit — if The Donald himself wouldn’t approve… “It should go without saying, but Trump Bucks are the best fake money that money can buy.”