The Superbook: Turn your Smartphone into a Laptop for $99

The Superbook reminds us of what Ubuntu is still trying to do with the mobile version of its OS; plug it into any monitor and you have a truly portable computer. while not quite that dream because it is a custom-tailored device, this could be quite the accessory for Android smartphone users who are very tied to their phones.

Help Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson Fund the Fam!

Fund The Fam is a campaign to refurbish an SF Muni bus to transport local youth to workshops around the Bay Area for personal development and educational growth. NFL stars Josh Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Marcus Peters have dedicated themselves to giving back to the Bay Area community that gave them so much and they need your help!

ACCUTAPER – Painting for the 21st Century

It’s not the painting that’s such a pain, it’s the preparation. So, if the Accutaper is as good a masking tape applicator as it looks, sign us up. The pledge goal, set at 15k, is a head-scratcher unless the whole point of the project is to fund a booth at a proper home design convention and sell the pants off this thing.

BIKE MINE: Theft Deterrent

Is this crazy enough to work or just a recipe for thieves sueing bike owners? When tripped by a thief, BIKE MINE detonates a 150db blast of sound; more than enough to startle a thief and raise the alarm. It’s a simple, low-tech idea that protects your bicycle, motorbike, boat or jet ski – or anything else that’s stored on…