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A data resource for both project creators and followers. was founded by Adam Clark in April 2012. Since starting, Kicktraq has tracked over 39,072 Kickstarter projects with over one million unique individuals per month viewing data generated by Kicktraq.


Shows real-time predictions of the success of Kickstarter campaigns. These predictions are regularly updated to take into account the latest evolution of the campaigns. Some of the factors include tweets about the project (as well as retweets and replies), the number of pledges, and many other factors to statistically predict the outcome of the project. Unlike Kicktraq though, it doesn’t give a figure but the real-time estimated probability of success.


Any project creator that puts the URL on their Kickstarter project page is agreeing that they will put 5% of their finished product profits back into other Kickstarter projects.


At the Right Crowdfunding for You, we provide high quality reviews of different crowdfunding organizations that you can utilize for your fundraising efforts.  Not only will you find the most reputable and effective, you will also discover different means of supporting your next project that you may never have thought of yourself.


Created because there was simply a lack of internet properties to go to to discuss the up and coming investment / donation platforms. We wish to run a democratic forum which allows all opinions on all the various projects looking for funding around the globe. We look to grow this forum into a community of like minded individuals who are interested in both funding as well as investing.


Make That Thing is a production agency for crowdfunded projects. We help artists and creators design, print, store, and ship this things they make — so you can focus on the art.


RESEARCH: Launch Hard or Go Home

=======Once Great==========

THE KICKBACK MACHINE (sadly, project closed)

The KickBack Machine is a research tool. It’s designed to help artists, creators, and entrepreneurs do their crowdfunding homework. The KickBack Machine allows you to browse past successes and failures to help you better plan your own campaign.

THINGS WE START – (sadly, project closed)

A visual world-view of all Kickstarter projects. ThingsWeStart was created by a ragtag group of friends scattered across the world. Techy, socially concerned starters who want to see the world change, one community at a time.


Kickspy was created by Walter Haas and came out of his passion for backing Kickstarter projects and frustration at not being able to find them more easily. It includes a great search feature, among other tools.

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