OUYA wanted to give indie devs $1 million, ended up in a PR disaster

Via Penny-Arcade.com, Author: Ben Kuchera —

Ouya FailWe’ve covered OUYA’s fund matching program on Kickstarter, and at the time it seemed like a fine way to support some smaller devs and boost the hardware’s stable of exclusive games. What happened was a PR disaster.

The Rock Paper Shotgun piece is a great rundown of everything that went wrong with this plan, including a large number of annoyed indie devs and at least one game being pulled from the service. We investigated one of the suspicious crowdfunding campaigns ourselves, and the numbers still don’t seem to add up. The other game had its funding suspended from Kickstarter.

Patrick Klepek over at Giant Bomb also has an in-depth look at this situation, and that article goes into great detail about how poor OUYA’s response has been. Their explanation, which amounts to a shrug and a lack of care, has done more damage than the poorly thought out initiative itself.

OUYA has been doing everything wrong when it comes to PR these days, and it’s sad to think how many exclusives that $1 million could have paid for and how many games it could have funded. Instead we’re left with allegations of scams, games pulled from Kickstarter, and titles that are unlikely to get people to invest in the platform.