Spicing Up Ping-Pong

Results: With one final push Uberpong scored victory. Congrats to pong-lovers everywhere.

The American teens who competed in table tennis in the Olympics this year could have spiced up their game and psyched out the competition with this project: Uberpong! Sure, the Olympic rules for table tennis probably don’t allow angry monkey images on paddles but how about national flags? Either way, we love ping-pong and stylin’ graphics on the paddle and t-shirts to match make sense to us. Now the sport just has to follow regular tennis and get some exotic table colors in the mix. 10k is pretty rich for this project but they’re sharing a decent percentage of sales for the artists. Still, $30 for a paddle? Eeek, that’s a lot of dough. But I’m down with Uberpong.

2 thoughts on “Spicing Up Ping-Pong

  1. Thanks for visiting, David and I really hope Uberpong! succeeds. $3,300 in a day is totally doable. You should get in the game and click AGREE!

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