The Air Sex World Championships Movie

There is a thing, a REAL THING, called the Air Sex Championships and a champion has been named in 30 U.S. cities as of 2013.There are rules and judges and lots and lots of competitors that must — in just about 2 minutes on stage perform a sex routine by themselves.

So…. the Air Sex Championships Tour Documentary is the next logical step, a “feature length documentary film about the most bizarre touring comedy show there is…” Is it JUST for the comedy?

According to their Kickstarter project page, “Air Sex is similar to Air Guitar, except competitors pretend to make love onstage with a partner who isn’t there. Also, Air Sex isn’t boring and you’ll never see the same show twice, unlike Air Guitar (Air Guitar totally sucks).”

First of all, I have to say their slogan, “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” is spot on, hilarious and I’m guessing they did not pay Air Supply for use of the lyrics.

And it’s clearly not all for the comedy. Competitors work on their performances and sure, some are silly and bizarre but some are just moments you shouldn’t be seeing according to the organizers. And that’s exactly what audiences want.

There’s just not a lot of investigation necessary to see that this project will succeed in spite of being over $3,000 short with just over a day to go. Their formula is simple and not one that many  projects can take advantage of: there is already a huge following of this event and it’s had a lot of press before.

So the formula to succeed is to simply leverage that audience awareness (maybe not THAT simple) and get them to want a movie version — or at least care about supporting a movie version. This requires backers who know about Air Sex to want more people to know about Air Sex, not just enjoy going to the shows.

What’s weird is that the first part of the formula just isn’t being used. There are only 127 backers! How is this possible? Maybe when it comes to sex, art imitating life isn’t something people want to see in a movie. And though it seems super unlikely that this project, that is nearly 80% funded, doesn’t get across the finish line, who can say on such a private subject?

Air Sex World Championships