What’s All the Money For, Tweegi?

Results: And not a penny more for the Tweegi font.

Admittedly, I’m a little font dense. I know what they are. I like some more than others, but they really don’t move me so much as for a lot of people. Ask me to explain the difference between Calibri and Arial and uhh sure, they’re different. Somehow.

So while I eagerly await the seasonal onslaught of Burning Man projects to hit Kickstarter (don’t let me down BURNERS!) I came across the first font project I can recall ever seeing.

Some people do get super excited about fonts. Or just have strong opinions about them. The Tweegi font project seems like a fine creative funding project. The creator has designed the font, it’s not very readable but, most of the esoteric fonts aren’t so, no news there. And it makes sense too that it’s a ‘fashion’ font and tied to the iconic image of Twiggy.

But hold the phone here. $4,000?! And if that’s what their time is worth to make a free font they want to submit to Google Fonts, who am I to complain but what are pledgers paying for? The rewards are a long list of ‘thank yous’ and ‘first tos’.

Not to mention that FontStruct and Font Generator online tools to make fully supported fonts. FontStruct is free and Font Generator will make a font based on your handwriting. Nothing better than illegible fonts.

Adding to the weirdness here, The Tweegi font project has of this writing received 8 pledges of $5 or less and 1 pledge of over $1,700. So, the risk here is predicting against the savior pledge that gets this project to the finish line with one credit card.