ZenDock – The Accessory Cable for Your Accessory Cables

Yes, you can’t underestimate the thirst for Mac accessories.

Like every other accessory solution designed to “reduce wires in your life” , ZenDock just takes the accessories, wires and power cords and hides them by getting them under or further away from your desk space. I don’t subscribe to this method really simplifying anything but I also think the only way to reduce consumption is to consume less. Crazy. I know.

ZenDock is an accessory hub. That’s it. But it understands its market audience. Many people buy Macs because it “looks cleaner” or “is simpler”. These product mantras are all hooey of course but are deeply embedded into the Mac culture. In some cases I would imagine that buying a Mac makes people just FEEL more clean and organized. It’s a powerful potion.
To be fair ZenDock does give those who choose to use Macs more USB ports and is smaller than a lot of other solutions. Apple is chronically light on accessories it produces or even authorizes so there is a hunger than ZenDock does satiate.

And clearly, there is hunger. Originally targeting 40 grand, ZenDock has more than doubled that in pledges. Curiously, did they set their first stretch goal at more than double their original pledge goal? Did they actually go in low? That would be pretty cagy — and effective. If it’s true, nicely done. But what’s strange about their stretch goal is that it’s just color options, not features.

And where better to peddle it than the home of Apple, the San Francisco Bay Area, the global center of Mac pride where $4,000 bluetooth bicycles roam free. Electronics, cables and an enclose. That’s the ZenDock and it’s moving like deep fried Twinkees at the fair. But how far will the ZenDock pledges roll on with just less than a day to go?